american fine arts

an allegory for americas

american fine arts is a migrating exhibition series that will travel from city to city throughout 2018, forming a narrative in response to different current and historical events both locally and nationally. 

A book will be published alongside the exhibitions, documenting all the shows' iterations and providing a creative response to the project, which is to come out with Not A Cult press in 2019.

american fine arts, an allegory for americas is curated by BBQLA in collaboration with Lara Schoorl.

pt. 1 “life's not fair and people don't act right

pt. 2 “on the tip of my tongue

pt. 3 “the fool's journey

pt. 4 “Lost & Found”

pt. 5 “livin’ a dream reality“

pt. 6 “Life on Mars”

pt. 7 “reprise”