Mabel Moore,  40 Portable Pounds 0 Liters,  2018.

Mabel Moore, 40 Portable Pounds 0 Liters, 2018.

the fool’s journey

"the fool's journey" is the third part of BBQLA's yearlong migrating exhibition series afa (american fine arts). afa is a multilayered project that manifests as a growing exhibition which, in seven parts, shows the work of emerging artists from the United States, Canada and Mexico in artists-run and alternative spaces, and galleries throughout the US. What and where is America or what does it mean to be American are questions that runs through afa and will change in each of the locations the project is hosted in. Additionally, afa will be documented and responded to in a book that will come out with Not A Cult Press in 2019. In each location we collaborate with an artist-run or alternative art space, or gallery and will serve barbecue together with local chefs.

Artists in the show are: Skyler Bieberly + Priscilla Petralie, Andrea Marie Breiling, Kenneth Curwood, Brock DeBoer, Harley Lafarrah Eaves, Jamie Felton, Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack, Daniel Gibson, Sebastian Gladstone, Stephanie Rose Guerrero, Maria Guzman Capron, Casey Kauffmann, William Keihn, Koak, Brandon Landers, Maria Maea, April Martin, Bruna Massada, Kylen McMorran, Dustin Metz, Mabel Moore, Marisa Raygoza, Andrew Roberts, Jose Dejesus Rodriguez, Ruben Rodriguez, Edward Salas, Camille Schefter, Kira Shewfelt, Alake Shilling, Emma Stern, Corri-Lynn Tetz, Ashley Wick, Wade Winslow

"the fool's journey" will travel to:

1. Aug. 16-17: BS Projects (Houston)
Opening Friday 8/17; Reading Thursday 8/16

2. Aug. 19-21: Territory OKC (Oklahoma City) 
Opening Sunday 8/19; Reading + discussion Monday 8/20

3. Aug. 23-25: Living Arts (Tulsa)
Opening Friday 8/24; Reading Sunday 8/26 in collaboration with Magic City Books

4. Aug. 30- Sept. 1: HAW Contemporary (Kansas City)
Opening: Thursday 8/30; Event Friday 8/31
Conversation at H&R Artspace Wednesday 8/29

5. Sept. 3-5: Brit & Alex Lindsay (Saint Paul)
Opening Monday 9/3 collaboration with Yeah Maybe

6. Sept. 7-9: Maple Street Construct (Omaha)
Opening Friday 9/7; Performance at Standard Oil Building Saturday 9/8; Workshop + talk at the Union of Contemporary Art Sunday 9/9

7. Sept. 11-13: G-CADD (St. Louis)
Opening Tuesday 9/11; Reading/event t.b.a

8. Sept. 15-16: Fort Houston (Nashville)
Opening Saturday 9/15; Discussion Sunday 9/16

9. Sept 21-23: Anytime Dept. (Cincinnati)
Opening Friday 9/21; Reading Saturday 9/22

10. Sept. 24-26 Sugar Space (Indianapolis)
Opening Tuesday 9/25; Event Wednesday 9/26