2315 Jesse Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 28, 8:00pm – 12:00am

On view through February 18, 2017
Open Saturdays, 12 – 6pm and by appointment

Davey Gant  The Bad Bad , 2016 (detail)

Davey Gant
The Bad Bad, 2016 (detail)

Tropical Hotdog Night

curated by Skyler Bieberly

Harley Lafarrah Eaves
Ryan Fenchel
Dan Flanagan
Davey Gant
Christine Stormberg

“Tropical Hot Dog Night / Like two flamingoes in a fruit fight / Like steppin’ out of a triangle / Into striped light / Striped light, striped light / Tropical Hot Dog Night / Everything’s wrong, at the same time it’s right”
– Don Glen Vliet

Tropical Hotdog Night is a collection of exceptional artists whose work conveys the joyful absurdity of the human condition. Life is both ethereal and profane in equally disproportionate ratios. The meaning of our time in this topsy-turvy plane of existence is determined by the user. The guttural nature of the collective body of work acts as a reliquary for emotion and experience. The hand is strong, the mind frantic in its focus. Much like a hot dog the yield of these works—meaty and layered—resides under a slick, sometimes glossy surface.