2315 Jesse Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023

Opening Reception: Saturday September 24, 2016, 8:00pm – 12:00am

On view through Saturday October 15, 2016
Open Saturdays, 12pm – 6pm or by appointment

 Julie Henson  Under the Headhunters,  2016 inkjet print, wood, transparency 44 x 58 ½ in.

 Julie Henson
Under the Headhunters, 2016
inkjet print, wood, transparency
44 x 58 ½ in.


Curated by Timo Fahler

Julie Henson
Kalen Hollomon
Jonas Wood

“If the quarterback throws the ball in the end-zone and the wide receiver catches it… It’s a touchdown.”
– John Madden

BBQLA presents Tailgate, an exhibition showcasing artists who work within competitive boundaries and sports imagery. The physicality, athletic desire, and ego are what drive our heroes on the field. It is about who or what we want to be, but nonetheless, we are just ourselves. Your heroes will always let you down. They are only human.