July 6, 6-10PM - "output incoming"
Final Residency Exhibition
at The Shed II + TREEHAUS

June 23, 1-3PM - Zine Workshop
with Zoë
at Bad People

June 21, 4:30PM - Walk-through "Have you ever loved me for the last time (Laid Bare)"
with Andrea Marie Breiling at Night Gallery

June 16, 6-9PM - Teen Art Salon
at The Shed II

June 12, 4:30PM - Walk-through of "An Homage to Hollis Benton"
with Aaron Moulton
at OTI

June 10 - July 6 - MEATGRINDER x The Shed Residency
at The Shed II

June 9, 12-2PM - Walk-through of "Shapeshifter" 
with Lydia Maria Pfeffer
at Club Pro 

May 19, 1-3PM - Pasadena Lit Fest: "Who Do Your Think You Are?" workshop
organized by TUNNEL Magazine
 at the Pasadena Playhouse Library

March 31 - May 18 - "what we've got here is a failure to communicate" 
at the Torrance Art Museum, opening March 31 6-9PM

December 16, 2-6PM - End of the Year Art Salon
evening of art & music & food (free to join)

November 4, 2-5pm - Gallery Tour
with HILDEBlum & Poe, and Fabien Castanier Gallery

October 21, 1-4pm - Studio Visits
with Austyn WeinerJen Stark, and Robert Moreland
as well as ProyectosLA

October 7 2017, 1-3pm  - Archiving and Riso-Printing Workshop

October 4 2017, 6-8pm - CARLA Podcast

August 26 2017, 1-3pm - VR Performance Workshop
with Oscar David
for MaidenLA at BBQLA

August 12 2017, 6:30-10:30pm - “Something New, Always Better" 
Final Residency Exhibition
at The Shed Echo Park

August 8 2017, 1-3pm - Installation Workshop
with Kyle Roberts of Club Pro Los Angeles

August 5 2017, 1-3pm - Magazine Workshop
with Sebastian Gladstone from Foundations Magazine

August 4 2017, 6-10pm - Teen Art Salon #2
at The Shed Echo Park

August 3 2017, 1-3pm - Sequin Workshop
with Coco Howard
at The Shed Echo Park 

July 29 2017, 1-3pm - Music Video Workshop
with Cristina Acevedo

July 18 2017, 1-3pm - Art Workshop
with Nick Angelo

July 6 2017, 1-3pm - Guitar Workshop
with Clem Creevy from Cherry Glazerr

June 30 2017, 6:30-10:30pm - Teen Art Salon Night
at The Shed Echo Park

June 24 2017, 1-3pm - Clay Workshop
with Daniel Schubert and Lydia Pfeffer of Dalton Warehouse Projects

June 3 2017, 1-2:30pm - Studio Visit
with Kenn Taylor

May 20 2017, 1-4pm - Gallery Walkthrough
with curator Hamza Walker
Group Visit to Neutra VDL 

May 6 2017, 1-2pm - Studio Visit
with Jordan Crane

April 22 2017, 2-4pm - Gallery Walkthroughs
of “Concrete Island” at Venus Over Los Angeles
with curator Aaron Moulton
Gallery Walkthrough of “The Basilisk” at Nicodim Los Angeles
with curator Aaron Moulton

“Would You Rather…” at BBQLA
with Sam Scharf

April 8 2017, 1-3pm - Studio Visit
with Daniel Gibson