curated by Lauren Quin

Elizabeth Huey
Jaime Felton
Bri Williams
Mary Hill
Chelsea McCarthy
Erin Trefry

Force fed everything we feared could happen, the affect is clammy and acidic. It’s Inauguration night, and where are we?

Lauren Quin presents Heartburn at BBQLA.

Heartburn is an exhibition consisting of six artists: Elizabeth Huey, Jaime Felton, Bri Williams, Mary Hill, Chelsea McCarthy and Erin Trefry. In all times of great change, the Artist continues to evaluate their work within new contexts. Heartburn is a gathering of female artists repurposing their voice in this disheartened political climate. Within Heartburn, each artist presents a work that has either been made after the election results, or bears a new relevance post-election. As a place to escape and a place to convene, join BBQLA for a one-night event as we celebrate progress with the female artists in our community.